The Dark Below is the first of the 2 announced expansions for Destiny. Eris is one of the survivors of the people who faced Crota. She has come back and asked you to finish Crota. And………. that’s it. The Dark Below doesn’t really do anything to improve how the main game presented it’s story. There are no new cut scenes, and the whole story is told through exposition. For those of us who were hoping that Bungie might do a better job on the storytelling side, this isn’t it. But we figured you would want to see what the story is like anyway.

But of course, if you’re playing Destiny, it’s most likely for something other than the story. You will also get new, gear, a new level cap, more multiplayer maps, a strike and most importantly a new raid. That’s where you will find your money’s worth if you’re looking into buying the Destiny expansions. As good as the game is, the story is so underwhelming it just feels like a lost opportunity.


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