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Strangest Discoveries Found Frozen in Ice


Our planet is so full of surprises that every single day we come across something new and amazing.

These discoveries can be made on land, in the sea and even in space. But with insanely thick layers of ice covering parts of the earth, there’s a new revelation happening all the time.

The melting ice is revealing all sorts of crazy things frozen in time some of these are too strange for us to decipher for example fossils from the cold War and even lost treasures.

Strangest Cars You Don’t Believe Are Actually Real


ince ancient times, means of transportation have been of critical importance for the progress of humans. Initially, our predecessors used animals like donkeys, horses and other animals for their conveyance.

The invention of the wheel led them to make chariots and subsequently bicycles. People kept on striving to develop more methods to enhance mobility both in peace and war including laying rail tracks.

Some of these means were quite funny like oversized bicycles. The invention of the motor car in 1886 proved to be a real watershed event in human history. Some people worked on unique and unprecedented ideas to improve transportation like flying cars and double-wide Limousines etc.

5 Unexplained Historical Mysteries


Credit: dighton historical society
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Ocean Beat – Tomas Skyldeberg


Ocean Beat 01 by Tomas Skyldeberg

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DJ Maretimo – Frank Borell – The Mystic Time Of Chill



01. Frank Borell – future patch
02. Frank Borell – mystic colours
03. Frank Borell – natural beauty
04. Frank Borell – new dreams
05. Frank Borell – prayers of the light
06. Frank Borell – minded 2 say
07. Frank Borell – freeway to jupiter
08. Frank Borell – waterball
09. Frank Borell – wake up in paradise
10. Frank Borell – enter the light
11. Frank Borell – epic dreams
12. Frank Borell – just for one day
13. Frank Borell – tibetan tears
14. Frank Borell – tiefenrausch
15. Frank Borell – voice
16. Frank Borell – finger lakes
17. Frank Borell – modify sound
18. Frank Borell – wind in the desert
19. Frank Borell – alive
20. Frank Borell – incoming message
21. Frank Borell – nature things
22. Frank Borell – triple vibe
23. Frank Borell – warm source
24. Frank Borell – tomorrow island
25. Frank Borell – dreams come true
26. Frank Borell – euphoric theme
27. Frank Borell – future patch

Mother Nature tries to create an island before your very eyes


Wanna see how a new island is made? Check out this fantastic show Mother Nature has put on in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the Solomon Islands. Watch the Kavachi undersea volcano as it erupts underwater. Will it finally make island status?

Lynx Excite


Is that Lynx Excite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
A woody fragrance with a hint of oriental spice.

Twist cap, spray all over body and underarms, win at life.

Lynx Excite Body Spray

Jump (Van Halen) – drum cover by Sina


Van Halen is one of my favorite bands and Alex Van Halen seems to be one of the most under-rated drummers in Rock history – along with Ringo! Jump is straight forward and seems to be pretty simple but there is a lot of interesting stuff going on along with the guitar solo. I really tried to get these bits right!

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A Plane Without Wings: The Story of The C.450 Coléoptère


Throughout the 1950s, aircraft designers around the world began developing a unique aircraft configuration, called a tail-sitter. Unlike conventional airplanes, tail sitting planes rested on their tails and used engine power alone to lift off the ground before transitioning to vertical flight, and returning to land vertically once again on their tail. The configuration, although technically challenging to develop, would allow aircraft to operate without runways, fundamentally changing how and where air forces could use their aircraft.

In the early 1950s French aerospace firm SNECMA (Société nationale d’études et de construction de moteurs d’aviation) began developing wingless test rigs to prove the viability of the tail sitting concept. At the time, American firms were also developing tail sitting prototypes of their own, But SNECMA would take it a step further by developing a tail sitting aircraft with a highly unconventional annular (cylindrical) wing. The cylindrical wing promised greater efficiency over a conventional wing by eliminating wing-tip vortices. It would also be more compact, further reducing the space needed for vertical take-off and landings. French designers also theorised that a cylindrical wing could eventually be engineered to function as a ramjet engine, propelling the aircraft to supersonic speeds.

The C.450 Coleoptere was constructed in 1958, with tethered flight testing beginning in early 1959. By May, the unconventional plane had achieved its first successful unassisted hover, even reaching altitudes of 800 meters. Despite early successes during flight tests, flaws soon emerged in the aircraft’s design. The Coleoptere proved extremely difficult to pilot. An innovative pilot seat could swivel 90 degrees, but pilots still struggled to judge the aircraft’s distance from the ground while landing. Without a conventional wing to provide resistance, the Coleoptere also had a tendency to slowly spin on its axis.

On July 25, 1959, the Coleoptere performed it’s 9th test flight. This time, the pilot was to transition the aircraft from vertical to horizontal flight, a challenging procedure that would mark a huge milestone for the program. The Coleoptere lifted off successfully, but during its transition, it suddenly became too inclined and slow-moving to maintain altitude. The aircraft started tumbling back to earth as the pilot struggled to regain control, barely managing to eject at the very last minute. The Coleoptere was destroyed.

A second prototype of the Coleoptere would never be built. By the 1960’s it was clear that the tail sitting configuration was a dead-end. It was simply too much of a compromise when it came to payload and range, and far too difficult to pilot. It was clear that vectoring thrust, allowing the aircraft to remain horizontal, was a more practical and safer solution.

Close My Eyes – Astroline – Kingdom Hearts


Song: “Close My Eyes” – Astroline

Video Game: Kingdom Hearts



“I close my eyes

I tell you how much I care

Then you smile and say to me

Let me be your destiny

I close my eyes

Baby don’t you understand?

Anything you ask me to

I’ll do everything for you

I’ll never

I’ll never

I’ll never let you go…

I’ll never

I’ll never

I’ll never let you go…

I’ll never

I’ll never

I’ll never let you go…

I’ll never

I’ll never

I’ll never let you go”

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