Watch The Crew: Wild Run vs. The Crew (new vs. old, upgraded The Crew graphics!) here:…

The three big racing games of fall 2014. Which is the best?

In terms of graphics, gameplay, sound, customization, tuning, map, online multiplayer, and so on.

Let me know what you think!

► Gran Turismo Sport playlist (gameplay)
► Need For Speed playlist: (gameplay)
► Project CARS playlist: (gameplay)
► DriveClub playlist: (gameplay)
► The Crew playlist: (gameplay)
► Forza playlist: (gameplay)

0:05 The Crew
0:22 DriveClub
0:40 Forza Horizon 2
1:14 The Crew
1:30 DriveClub
1:47 The Crew
2:09 Forza Horizon 2
2:30 DriveClub
2:50 The Crew
3:11 Forza Horizon 2
3:31 DriveClub

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